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US v Fell (D Vermont) - Federal Death Penalty Challenge Hearing   
U.S. District Judge Geoffrey Crawford (D. Vermont) will take testimony on Donald Fell's challenge to the Federal Death Penalty - Motions to Dismiss the Death Penalty as Punishment because it is Unconstitutional, to Dismiss the Superseding Indictment and/or Strike the Amended Notice of Intent as Violative of the Principles of Limited National Powers and State Sovereignty, to Dismiss based on Ring, to Dismiss because of the Unconstitutionality of Selecting a Fair Jury in a State where most citizens oppose the death penalty, and to Declare the FDPA unconstitutional for failure to require comparative proportionality review. The hearing which began July 1 is ongoing at the federal courthouse in Rutland, Vermont. Click here for a news article about the hearing.

U.S. Ronell Wilson - Court finds intellectual disability (March 15 2016)   
On a March 15, 2016 a district court found that Ronell Wilson was intellectually disabled and, therefore, vacated his death sentence. Mr. Wilson was previously convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of two New York City Police detectives. Click here for the full opinion. 

Per Curiam Reversal in Louisiana Death Penalty Case   
U.S. Supreme Court per curiam reversal of conviction in Louisiana death case for Brady violations, see Wearry v. Cain, 2106 WL 854158__ U.S. __, No. 14-10008 (March 7, 2016) (“[c]ontrary to the state postconviction court, we conclude that the prosecution’s failure to disclose material evidence violated Wearry’s due process rights”).


Sixth Circuit Affirms Rejon Taylor Convictions and Death Sentence   
The Sixth Circuit affirmed the convictions and death sentence of Rejon Taylor. One judge dissented and would have granted relief on 5 grounds. Click here for opinion.